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Evolution of the SKYWORTH HMD! VR exclusive headset at its best

The upgraded version of the SKYWORTH, a head mount display created by L.A.B. has been released. Based on the Android interface, The DPVR-4D keeps its utility and enhanced its adult VR experience.

>>See DPVR-4D


Make your own “freshest” lubricant! Includes moisturizing & enhancing ingredients

The long-beloved “Base of Lubricant” finally made its renewal!

This powder type base is convenient for preparing just the right amount of lube you need. Keeping the fun and efficiency, we have added hyaluronic acid and collagen to make it even more skin friendly. Also, the L-arginine and L-citrulline both functions to enhance your powers.

>>See Base of Lubricant 2


Safe & Stable Steel Stand Enjoy your VORZE machines hands-free

The exclusive stand for the A10 CYCLONE SA +PLUS and the A10 PISTON SA. Made of sturdy steel, it provides you a stable and comfortable positioning for your machine.

With the holder keeping the machine in one place, you can browse your computer or smartphone freely! This also enhances your +1D or VR experience.

>>See Stand Basic


GMP Certified! High-quality Supplement Supports Your Prostate Conditions

For anyone who wants to achieve prostate orgasm, the body condition and mood becomes a sufficient element in whether or not you can experience that bliss.

Although prostate orgasm is one of the most exciting moments one can have, it requires genuine preparation, concentration, and experience. You will need to be fully relaxed and ready to indulge in that pleasure- this supplement aims to support you achieve that perfect condition.

>>See ProstatePower


Super Simple & Wallet-friendly! Enjoy the Endless Rotating Tease

GOLDEN released yet another automatic masturbator! Excelling in their performance with unique toys such as the ONARHYTHM and the Piston Heat IR, here is a fully automatic rotating toy for your shaft.

It has cut down everything unnecessary- the super simple body operates by power from a USB power supply (cord and adapter included), so there is no need to charge the product beforehand. You can start having fun as soon as it arrives!

>>See Ultimate Tip Teaser


Compact yet Available for Handheld & Hands-free Stroking! Excellently Angled Interior Awaits Your Intense Movements

“FURU” is taken from the Japanese verb “振る,” meaning “to shake,” “to swing,” or “to move back and forth.” The newest release from ONDO! allows you to enjoy the tight pussy. With its entrance angled perfectly, placing it down on the desk or floor and stroking it is super-easy.



Blowjob & Vaginal Fun in One Masturbator! The Adorable NUPU is Back with a Fresh New Sensation.

The second edition of NUPU, a dual-sided masturbator with gorgeous lips and a cute yet highly pleasurable vaginal hole, is finally released. Enjoy the two completely different stimulations packed in one hole!

What differs the most from the original version is the vaginal side’s looks and interior. While the former NUPU had a realistic orifice on the vaginal side, this version comes with a more simplified, inexperienced looking figure.

>>See ONDO! NUPU 2


Diatomite x Vertical Ridges = The ultimate masturbator dryer! Say Goodbye to all the Troublesome Wiping

Diatomaceous earth, or diatomite, is becoming popular day by day. Its ability to quickly absorb and release moisture is perfect for foot mats, beverage coasters, spoons, etc.
We found this material to be the best match for making a reusable, quick, and easy-to-use drying stick for male masturbators.

The “Onadry” is the newest item we created for the “Ona” series, a set of products that aims to make masturbating more comfortable. All you have to do is to insert the Onadry stick inside your masturbator once you are done washing it, and the diatomite will do the rest- it will absorb all the remaining water, even from the most complex interiors!



Dive into the whole-new combination of vibration and heat. This excited SharK is always ready to have some fun!

GOLDEN, the developers of the ONARHYTHM, has created another series of toys to bring you the new wave of vibrating stimulation!

Its jet-black body resembles the fin of a shark, and on the inside of the silicone tube are multiple flaps that look like gills. These five small folds on each side will convert the energetic vibration into sharp, tempting stimulations.

>>See HEAT SharK


Dive into the adventurous vibration- This vigorous SharK is always ready to have some fun!

GOLDEN, the developers of the ONARHYTHM, has created another series of toys to bring you the new wave of vibrating stimulation!

Its jet-black body resembles the fin of a shark, and on the inside of the silicone tube are multiple flaps that look like gills. These five small folds on each side will convert the energetic vibration into sharp, tempting stimulations.

>>See SharK


Two astounding sensations merged into one whole-new cock ring; Perineum vibration and squeezing rings maximize the pleasure men can experience!

Ray is the first model created by the new brand WAD. It is an extremely rare “perineum-massaging” cock ring.
Usually, cock rings are for enhancing your erection or have an inner vibrator to stimulate your partner’s clitoris for more pleasure. However, the vibrator on this product is for maximizing the wearer’s satisfaction by massaging the perineum.
From the large ring is a pair of arms that seem like a “ring-in-ring” structure and grasps your shaft. Under your scrotums is a bump that applies significant pressure on your vas deferens (the tube that carries your sperm from your testicles)- both are novel designs which cannot be found in any ordinary cock ring.

>>See WAD Ray


Researching men’s orgasm- new brand “WAD” enters the market.

RENDS launched a new brand dedicated to men- “WAD.” It stands for “Wet And Dry” which are the two major types of men’s orgasms.
They aim to deeply study and pursue these two pleasures and develop items that satisfy the highly advanced users who have taken their pleasure experience to mastery levels.

>>See WAD


Springy & accordion-like triplicate cock ring; have fun with each of the six unique styles!

PENIMAGMA is a cock ring that has an extraordinary, accordion-like springy shape. Thanks to the stretchy TPR materials, it fits perfectly around your crotch. Its flexibility and bounciness like that of a spring stretches according to how you move, and work as a pump while it enhances your pleasure with the sufficient squeezing.



All-new mechanism installed! The miniaturized body is packed with extreme power; stylish & easy to use

GOLDEN- the producer of “Onarhythm” and “PISTON HEAT IR,” has released another sleek and innovative automatic stroker.
With the new “Sleeve-drive system,” a function that is used in gadgets such as fishing reels, the stroking is simple yet powerful. While it is designed 20~30% weight-saving and smaller than before, it keeps its performance as an automatic masturbator at high levels.



Flexible and well-fitting with a wide range of size; The perfect accessory for correcting even severe phimosis

A phimotic band shaped like an umbrella. Pure silicone gives it flexibility, making it comfortable to wear. The minute and wide variation of diameter, of 7 different levels each with a 2mm (0.08″) increment, makes it possible for anyone to find the right size that fits.

>>See See Bye-bye Phimosis (Small)
>>See See Bye-bye Phimosis (Medium)
>>See See Bye-bye Phimosis (Large)


Silver ion & persimmon tannin; powerful ingredients to sterilize your toys. Make your post-cum clarity more comfortable than ever!

The original “Finish & Sleep Lotion” was introduced sensationally on January 2009 as the first lubricant not to need any washing off- all you have to do is to wipe it with some tissue! The “Moist” and “Hard” types were released in 2011, and the “Hot” type lotion joined the series in 2016. We have prepared a wide range of variation to answer your needs.
The new version which was released two years after the “Hot” type includes Ag+ (silver) ions. Silver ions are a common ingredient found in spray deodorants and deodorant body sheets; they have proven itself to be effective for antimicrobial purposes, as they are also used in antifungal cleaners.

>>See See Finish & Sleep Lotion (Deodorant)


A10 Cyclone SA + PLUS is now in store!

The automatic rotating masturbator that shipped over 200 thousand models is now renewed, with its charging system upgraded. Comes with the exclusively designed hole!

>>See A10 Cyclone SA +PLUS


Two-hole masturbator MOCO has arrived! The large and weighty body is perfect for the intense pounding.

As the beloved two-hole masturbator MIC was a rather compact model, MOCO has been designed to have a more fleshy and hefty body to take your pleasure one step further.
Its 1.3 kg (=45.86oz.) body is full of volume- twice the weight of MIC! With the lifelike details on the exterior, this stroker is bound to make you thrilled just by taking hold of it.

>>See MOCO


A hands-free oral sex simulator; from soft and gentle to extreme and intense.

The Cunnilax is a vibrator created especially as an oral sex simulator, with the soft rubber tongue’s rotation and a powerful head which massages both the clitoris and the vagina at the same time. The round head designed close to that of Casper can target your erogenous spots with ease and prevent itself from falling out, allowing you to have a completely hands-free ecstatic experience.
This product comes with two attachments: the long+double tongue and the short+quadruple tongue. The long tongue has a lengthy and broad stroke for mild and deep delight. On the other hand, the short tongue offers a harder pleasure with its continuous and frequent strokes to your clit.

>> Cunnilax


The best nipple teasers now come with new licking patterns- and is available at a lower price.

The almighty nipple-torturing toy U.F.O. and its next-generation model U.F.O. SA, which became part of the VORZE series, has thankfully been loved much by many nipple play-lovers (aka nipplovers) around the world. Although the successor model, U.F.O. SA is still popular to this day, we have heard voices asking for a budget-friendlier version. The U.F.O. BASIC will answer those requests with essential nipple stimulating features. Based on the U.F.O. SA model’s silicone cups designed for both breasts, we have streamlined much of the parts and mechanisms. This allowed us to successfully cut down the cost by redesigning the overall frame without losing the beloved elements.



The toy-friendly heater is ready! Comes with a broad base to heat the inside & the openings of your stroker.

The Hole Warmer Ultimate Edition is our most recommended heating stand for your masturbators- a stand type heating rod created by upgrading many elements of the USB stick type heater, which has also been a popular model in our store. The biggest change is the heating system. It heats up rapidly for the first 8 and a half minutes; after that, the built-in thermostat keeps it at human body temperature. On top of that, it turns off automatically after one hour. Comprised with one of the most advanced temperature-controlling features throughout all toy heaters!


The perfect warming lube for handjob- charcoal and maca infused to boost your energy!

“The Legendary Hand Job Lubricant” is a warming lube, developed by the creators of the “Finish & Sleep lotion” and “Blanc Secrète series.” This lubricant was created for the sole purpose of maximizing the pleasure of a handjob orgasm. Unlike many other lubricants, the color of the fluid is black- because we infused charcoal. Charcoal has a wide range of uses such as cleaning, deodorizing, moisturizing, etc. and in this product, it plays the role to provide you with masculine energy, together with citrulline, L-arginine, and maca root extracts.