Silver ion & persimmon tannin; powerful ingredients to sterilize your toys. Make your post-cum clarity more comfortable than ever! 2018/10/18 ( Thu )

The original “Finish & Sleep Lotion” was introduced sensationally on January 2009 as the first lubricant not to need any washing off- all you have to do is to wipe it with some tissue! The “Moist” and “Hard” types were released in 2011, and the “Hot” type lotion joined the series in 2016. We have prepared a wide range of variation to answer your needs.
The new version which was released two years after the “Hot” type includes Ag+ (silver) ions. Silver ions are a common ingredient found in spray deodorants and deodorant body sheets; they have proven itself to be effective for antimicrobial purposes, as they are also used in antifungal cleaners.

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