The best nipple teasers now come with new licking patterns- and is available at a lower price. 2018/05/01 ( Tue )

The almighty nipple-torturing toy U.F.O. and its next-generation model U.F.O. SA, which became part of the VORZE series, has thankfully been loved much by many nipple play-lovers (aka nipplovers) around the world. Although the successor model, U.F.O. SA is still popular to this day, we have heard voices asking for a budget-friendlier version. The U.F.O. BASIC will answer those requests with essential nipple stimulating features. Based on the U.F.O. SA model’s silicone cups designed for both breasts, we have streamlined much of the parts and mechanisms. This allowed us to successfully cut down the cost by redesigning the overall frame without losing the beloved elements.