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A10 Cyclone

Product outline

A fully automatic masturbation machine offering a sensational experience with its powerful rotations and various patterns.

A10 Cyclone The revolving electrical masturbation hole “A10 Cyclone” is the first male product for the R-1 attachment series. Bring into reality the masturbation dream of every man to climax without ever having to move one's hand. Soft rubber interior wraps around and envelopes your penis. The same strong pleasure of intercourse or fellatio is experienced by the stimulating rubbing produced by the A10 Cyclone's inner rotation. A10 Cyclone was developed due to the overwhelming feedbacks of men who wanted “A tool that can bring me to climax at a touch of a button” With its powerful motor, even a big penis would not be able to stop A10 Cyclone's powerful rotations. The PWM control is one of the special feature of the R-1 series allowing the A10 Cyclone to express seven various patterns and seven levels of speed from low to ultra high for a combination of 49 unique modes possible.
A10 Cyclone Even without all the unique patterns of rotations and speed, the A10 Cyclone would fulfill the dreams of men everywhere. The 49 unique modes bring the A10 Cyclone to an all new level by customizing your favorite experience as every penis is different while also ensuring you will never get bored from the restriction of one mode. Furthermore the inner cup is exchangeable with other inner patterns(sold separately) for a completely different sensation and experience. The spacers for the A10 Cyclone adjust the length of the unit to accommodate all different lengths. With all these accessory options, the perfect pleasure is now in your hands. Over two years of development with a constant emphasis on “Fully Automated Electric Hole”. A10 Cyclone being made in Japan adds a sense of reliability and quality that people have come to expect. A10 Cyclone will forever change the course of history for electric masturbation product. The culture of masturbation will never be the same! With A10 Cyclone, you can enjoy pleasure anytime. It will caress your penis as long as you want, climax as many times as you want. With such cenvenient pleasure, please take care to not depend on A10 Cyclone too much
*This product needs R-1 controller sold separately.
Full length 20cm
Full Width 8.5cm
Weight 495g

Product Speceial feature

Full-scale Dynamic Rotational Movement Design
RENDS' very own unique motor design produces a powerful rotation along with high velocity revolutions.
Various Accessories For A Customized Experience
Customize the length between the inner cup to your pubic bone with Disc Spacers. Completely new sensation can be experienced by changing the uniquely designed inner cup. The various attachments will ensure that you won't be bored with the A10 Cyclone for a long time!!
Cleaning is extremely easy thanks to the revolution Magnetic Attachment System. The inner cup detach easily for cleaning and attach securely for use.
Power Battery Pack
The Power Battery Pack design was used to take advantage of the unique motor while also enabling extended usage time. (Require three size C batteries)


Vibration pattern
0. "Left" counter-clockwise rotations
1. "Right" Clockwise rotations
2. "Skip" 90 degrees back and forth rotation
3. "Viking" 180 degrees back and forth rotation
4. "Ten Count" 10 seconds rotations along with 3 seconds pause
5. "Mountain" gradual mountain pattern speed increase/decrease over 7 seconds
6. "Quick Turn" Big rotation clockwise with small rotation counter-clockwise
7. "O'Briend" 3 rotations to clockwise then 3 rotation counter-clockwise

Detail image

※You can see the macro photography by the clicking the image

A10 Cyclone

Packaging under development *The separately sold R-1 controller is required for A10 Cyclone's operation

A10 Cyclone

Full length: 200 mm
Full width: 85 mm
Full weight: 495g (with no battery)

A10 Cyclone

A10 Cyclone is the first attachment for the R-1 series that uses a Power Battery Pack. This allows the A10 Cyclone to continue running for hours while still producing powerful rotation along with high velocity revolutions.
*Three size C batteries required (Included)
*Please match the point mark when closing the Power Battery Pack's end cap. Failure to do so will cause breakage to the device.

A10 Cyclone

A10 Cyclone can be disassembled into five smaller parts for easy maintenance.
A: Handle (Not waterproof, do not wash)
B: Outer cup
C: Front cap
D: Spacer
E: Inner cup

A10 Cyclone

First, please attach to a handle Inner cup with plenty of lotion.
Next, please attach Outer cup with Front cap.
Correspondence penis size can be extremely small, or if not too large, you can use it satisfactorily.
First, attach the Inner cup with lubricant inside to the handle.
Next, attach the Outer cup to Front Cap
This setup can be used for Penis size from small to average. Additional spacers may be required for larger Penis

A10 Cyclone

Now, let's turn this on with the switch!!
You can enjoy the fellatio like experience as long as you want, by customizing the perfect balance between Relaxed feeling & Intense feeling of the different modes.
For A10 Cyclone, the turbo button on the R-1 controller is used as the sudden stop button which can be used after ejaculation and to stop just before ejaculation for climax control.

A10 Cyclone

Soft rubber interior wraps around and envelopes your penis as it rotates giving the feeling that the penis is completely embraced.
The pleasure experienced by the changing of speed and pattern will rival the best feeling you've ever experienced before. An advantage over the normal silicone sleeve toy is that the pleasure sensation do not decrease even to a non fully erected penis.

A10 Cyclone

Even though each individual parts (outside of the handle) can be individually washed, only washing of the inner cup and the front cap is needed under regular use since there is little splattering while in operation.


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