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R-1 Creates a New Platform All Made in Japan
Developing concept of R-1
R-1 is the generic term of the concept that various attachments can be used by one R-1 controller. By the high technology R-1 controller acting as power supply and operation panel the attachment side can make the most of their great abilities. Since the attachments are simply sold without controller customers can purchase R-1 products at reasonable prices. Also the developer of products can reduce developing cost and can develop products for the short term. For these reasons, R-1 enables us to suggest new ideas of product that have not done before.
Product features
The next generation gadget made incorporating advanced technology designed by our engineering team that has a long experience in the labs of major Japanese electric manufacturer. Design, Parts selection , Processing and Assembling were all developed n a completely different and unique manner than those of the conventional ones used by the current adult toy industries. This enable us to create gadgets that were previously thought of as technologically impossible t make.

The era of attachments has come
As far as ocventional all-in-one type toys go, the more you buy toys the more you need to buy controllers of the same kind with similer function that comes with each toys.Consequently these convetional ones are expensive for the function because you need to buy controller for each toys. On the other hand as for R-1 series by gathering controlling functions in one R-1 controller , we can provide customers with attachments without controller which means if you have one R-1 controller you do not need to buy another controller anymore that offers high quality producs with reasonable prices.
Each R-1 attachments can be connected from the outlet of R-1 controller.

The attractiveness of R-1
50 different patterns
Even a simple vibrating stimulation by a motor and weight since there are 7 different power mode and 7 different vibration pattern plus turbo button that you can use when you want to finish it 50 different patterns can be expressed.

R-1 activates by 3 AA batteries
The power supply circuit optimized for the battery drive was incorporated, and we have achieved the energy-saving design nearly 7 times smaller than the conventional product at the time of the maximum.We have analyzed the balance of the power and the energy, and we pulled out the capability of a battery to a limit.Various attachments of R-1 can be used by three batteries, it can use under the unified concept of operation and management.

Expanding R-1 world
Four kinds of attachments have already been released since 2009. The manufacturing company which is performing development has new technology and sensibility, such as dealing with the peripheral device of a personal computer, a child toy, a fitness machine, etc., and is furthering development of the further attachment. If you have the ability to develop, you can develop R-1 attachment regardless of the industry.

R-1 series

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