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The Real Titties

The Real Titties

Size Total length 160mm x Widest dimensions 270mm x Greatest hight 80mm Outer diameter 34mm
Weight 1600g

Product outline

We used a real female model to get the perfect shape, size, softness and color and faithfully recreated the ultimate realistic breasts. By using a special gel and introducing a double structure the feeling and sensation of squeezing “The Real Titties” is just like a real woman’s breast, you will simply be surprised how realistic they feel! In addition to that we added a nice the cleavage for some titty-sex play which always can be nice.

Striving for the highest level of realisticity and the passion of making the best breasts-toy in history we started out by hiring a big breasted porn actress with a H-cup, which we faithfully recreated and pursued not only an authentic shape but the softness of the breasts and the hardness of the nipples – yes, we considered all elements and the result might just be the most realistic breasts ever!

Everything from how the breasts hang down in different positions to how they shake even from the slightest touch with your finger – everything is what every boy ever has dreamed about! Please take your chance to enjoy “The Real Titties” and introducing a new partner to your life!

Detail image

The Real Titties

A powerful package – looks just like real ones! The main unit is steadily fixed by a blister pack.

The Real Titties

We recreated the breasts of a porn actress with a 93H-cup. The shape being a bit unsymmetrical adds a touch of reality, doesn’t it?

The Real Titties

A satisfying height and volume, and the areolas rising up are truly hot!

The Real Titties

Of course it feels good just to squeeze the breasts normally but if you add some lotion it gets ever better!

The Real Titties

Even the small bumps around the nipples are gently recreated and the hardness is just perfect! Also as it’s made of a safe material feel free to lick or suck all you want.

The Real Titties

A realistic cleavage just waiting for some titty-sex! Stick your penis in there and enjoy some luxurious stimulation!


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