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Air Dildo Wave

Air Dildo Wave

Medium Large
Size Total length: 235mm
Case size: 100mm
Diameter: 83mm
Insertable length: 155mm
Insertable diameter: 33mm
Total length: 235mm
Case size: 100mm
Diameter: 83mm
Insertable length: 155mm
Insertable diameter: 38mm
Weight 153g 163g
China China

Product outline

“Air Dildo Wave” is such a nice dildo which was developed through the eyes of women.
This special-looking case protects from dust and never reminds you that it’s an adult toy. There’s a silicone part inside which becomes a dildo filled up with air. Before use, pull out the bar and pump it to inflate the dildo. You can easily adjust the hardness and the size changing the amount of air. Since the dildo is made of silicone, you can wash it or sterilize in boiling water for cleaning.
This new type of dildo based on air pressure was extremely well-received by the product testers. “Air + Silicone” is very elastic and soft, so you never have to worry about getting your wrists tired during use. The grip allows easy control putting in both of your anus and vagina and provides you with a deep pleasure. After use, just push the button above the bar to remove air.
User-friendly, the perfect size, hardness-adjustable, the ease of maintenance: it gets the best of everything and none will think it’s your naughty friend! Air Dildo Wave must be the one that is worthy to be called the next-generation dildo!
Don’t you get intrigued just to see this new type of dildo?

Detail image

Air Dildo Wave

The packaging design looks simple yet stylish. There are Medium and Large. Medium is purple and Large is pink.

Air Dildo Wave

It looks like a fragrance product, so none will think it's a dildo!

Air Dildo Wave

Twist it to open.

Air Dildo Wave

Pull and push the bar to inflate the dildo.

Air Dildo Wave

It's soft but firm! The material is silicone and very high quality.

Air Dildo Wave

Push this part and grasp the dildo at the same time to remove air.


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