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Customer service

Phone number +81-43-216-6360
  Answering calls from Monday to Friday
9:30am-6:00pm (GMT+9)

Concerning downloading our product images and movies

Thank you for showing interest in our products. We gladly provide images and video samples for sales promotion for corporations. To be able to download and use these please contact our customer service after agreeing to the terms of use.
After we have received your request we will send you an ID and password.

[Terms of use]
・ You may not use the images in a way that may be disadvantageous to our company and
    other companies concerned.
・ You may not spread or share the images and video samples to any third party without
    our permission.
・ You may only use them for the purpose of sales promotion.
・ You may edit the material but not to the content that it spoils its former shape and purpose.

Password and ID request form:

e-mail Password and ID request form for sales promotion samples

* As you request this we suppose that you have agreed to our terms of use.

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