Rends which stands for ( Reality , Extravagant ,Neat , Dream , Satisfaction) has been established in order to create high quality products that are planned and developed in Japan. We are the development manufacturer that started from the biggest retailer of Adult toys with considerable experiences in Japan.And therefore development concepts are all based on our experience and accurate judge such as learning what customers want or knowing the elements of what need to be improved. The reason why we stick to developing and producing toys based on these essential factors is because we are Japanese mechanical engineering manufacturer operating globally. And even for Adult toys , we believe it is our duty to provide adult toys with the same quality as Made-in-Japan electric household appliances around you. As it is often said that manufacturers develop new products by assembling existing mechanism or they just focus on material . All of these are easier way for everybody to develop new products which in fact are not quite new technically. On the other hand , we develop mechanism that we think is necessary from scratch and express it with Japanese advanced technology. It is our goal to be a leading company that can change the adult toy industry by providing high quality toys all over the world.

Company Outline

Company Outline

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